What is Compounding?


What is Compounding?

Compounding combines classical pharmacy practice with advanced technology and the latest medical knowledge to meet specific patient needs.  Pharmacy compounding enables specially trained professionals to prepare one-of-a-kind medications as ordered by a health care provider. With today’s technology, yesterday’s art, and currently available dosage systems, the possibilities are almost endless.

Why Use Compounding?

Some patients do not respond to traditional methods of  treatment manufactured by drug companies.  Clinical Compound Pharmacy can prepare:

    • Medications that are not commercially available.
    • Unique dosage forms such as nasal sprays, troches, suppositories, lollipops, and transdermal creams/gels/sprays.
    • Medications free of allergenic inactive ingredients such as preservatives, dyes, lactose, sugar, or alcohol.
    • Unique combinations of compatible medications into a single dosage forms.

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